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hsa plan
hsa health plan
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Some of these health savings accounts may be backed by FDIC insurance or SIPC insurance. Some may have neither.

The right type of health insurance must be bought first before you can get a health savings account. It should be designated by the health insurance company as HSA-qualifying

A health savings account is optional and can be set up with any bank or financial institution that provides them, irrespective of where you buy the insurance that qualifies you.

It's called a 'savings' account, but is not limited to a savings account at a bank. There is a large variety of options.

Some accounts have no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fee. Some provide for the opening of a brokerage account or have mutual funds available for the account.

It does not matter which health insurance company issued the coverage that qualifies you to open an account. Some health insurance companies will arrange for administration of the account for their own insureds, some do not.

The qualifying insurance coverage has nothing to do directly with the actual health savings account. However, you need to buy and keep the right health insurance plan to qualify you to have the tax benefits, i.e. you have an insurance plan that has the features required by the Internal Revenue Code.

Checks or a debit card or both may be provided so as to pay for qualified medical, dental, vision, etc., expenses out of the health savings account.

The banks and financial institutions listed here are not the only ones offering HSA's. If your local bank does not have them, it can be done by mail/online with whoever has the best deal.

Most banks now have HSA accounts available. Ask your bank or stockbroker.


First HSA

HSA Bank

American Health Value


Bancorp Bank

First American Bankno monthly fee if statement is emailed

Home State Bank

MB Financial Bank


Westfield Bank


American Chartered Bank

Discovery Benefits




Capitol Bank

Chase Bank

HSA Resources Bank

HSA Trustee Services

Town Bank - No minimum balance, no monthly fee

United Community Bank - No setup fee, no monthly fee

Accounts arranged by the Insurance Company

The following health insurance companies offer to arrange the administration of a Health Savings Account for their own insureds who have HSA-qualified health insurance (availability varies by state).


American Health Value

First Horizon Msaver

HSA Administrators

Wells Fargo

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